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NazaréCup – International Youth Handball Tournament

We never tire of real life because we believe that that is where the real magic and the most far-reaching journeys start. This is why we are inspired by real people, fantastic people, who, like us, believe that the highest sense of all that we are and do only survives if in the end the…
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2nd GDPR Seminar

The topic is a hot one and also an important one, and our public recognizes this. Proof is in the demand for this seminar that has been sold-out in two days. We won’t let you down. The second edition is already here. Quality is recognized, and the Xis Group has long been recognized for its…
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1st GDPR Seminar

Awareness Seminar for the General Data Protection Regulation. Register here: #apartirdeagoraestamosligados #genterealemtemporeal


Worthwhile connections. Also our strength.

We’re not alone. And we believe that the Group’s strength also has [a lot] to do with good connections. Bridges and points that unite us to those who share our philosophy and know-how. Real people in real time, like us. This strength was in full evidence at the XIS Group event, held last January 22…
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XIS GROUP EVENT The XIS Group Event exceeded all expectations. “We are stronger [still].” Yesterday at the Nini Andrade Silva Design Center, before an audience of nearly 300 people, the XIS Group presented the new XIS Connect platform, a product created from scratch based on the most advanced technology worldwide. The event, which was a…
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In-formar l Growth Partner of the Year

In 2017, we won! We know that the future means forging ahead, but when we look back we can better understand the meaning of what we are and the reach of what we do. That is why, at a time when we are still turning the pages of the new year, it’s worth remembering a…
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This Christmas we’re connected

However many paths there may be, this is where we meet. THIS CHRISTMAS, we celebrate the greater meaning of what we are. WE’RE CONNECTED.


XGT accredited to provide professional training in two more important segments

XGT is accredited to provide professional training in two more important segments: Personal Development and Law. It is our goal to offer solutions that match an increasingly demanding market, where administrative modernization is imperative and the complexity of sector legislation and regulation requires highly specialized professionals. An example of this is the challenges that the…
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6th edition of the exercise ‘CIBER PERSEU 2017’

In-Formar participated actively in the 6th edition of the exercise ‘CIBER PERSEU 2017’, which took place throughout the country between 20 and 24 November. The Portuguese Army and the public and private entities tested their procedures and responsiveness in situations of cyber attack, both national and international. Specializing in computer security, In-Formar has assisted several…
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New M-ITI institutional site developed by In-Formar

M-ITI launched a new institutional website developed by In-Formar (a XIS Group company) and operated in partnership with its internal team. In-Formar was selected for its technological competence in the content management platform used and proactiveness in adapting the software for the management and maintenance of the Institute’s content, making interaction with the community of…
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