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Seminar on Digital transformation in Madeira

In the last week of June XIS Group participated in the seminar “Digital transformation in Madeira, a transversal opportunity for society, companies and the Public Administration”. Here is all the information you should know about the seminar and the participants as well as our key takeaways.   Digital transformation for improving competitiveness The seminar was…
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Free training starts this week

Free training starts this week The ACIF-CCIM (Associação Comercial e Industrial do Funchal – Câmara de Comércio e Indústria da Madeira) started a new program which aims to improve the region ‘s small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to make it happen, they asked for the help of XGT, our expert team in training and…
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XIS Group Institutional Video

It’s impossible to summarize 25 years of history In a minute and a half. But perhaps we can tell you almost everything about this time-line and the being with whom we combine our narrative. You. This minute and a half portrays us from the inside, and that’s how we want you to see us. Eye…
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XIS Group sells out GDPR session at ACIF

All the XIS Group activities dealing with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have repeatedly been sold-out events. And today at ACIF, after the success of the first edition, our COO Vitorino Gouveia, is again welcomed by a full house. In total, there will be 42 participants. It’s good to know that our paths…
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As of today the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is law in EU countries and applies worldwide to organizations that treat personal data of European citizens. The XIS Group team is proud to have been chosen by dozens of clients as a partner in the process of implementing compliance with this new regime. And we…
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XIS Group – advanced connections

This Thursday at ACIF, before a sold-out auditorium, our COO Vitorino Gouveia explained how organizations will move in the market after the coming into effect of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as of the end of this week (May 25). It’s worth recording that the applications for this clarification session, as was the…
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XIS Group sells out GDPR session at ISAL

First at ACIF and now at ISAL. In a few days the XIS Group has completed two further clarification sessions on the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into effect as early as May 25 throughout Europe. The changes in the lives of organizations will be profound, but if we are connected…
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XIS Group on the Smart Cities route

The XIS Group technology was highlighted as an example at the national conference on Smart Cities, promoted by the Municipality of Funchal in partnership with the Association of Portuguese Municipalities and the New University of Lisbon. XIS Connect, an advanced technology solution developed and implemented by us – a year ago at the Loja dos…
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Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 41/2018, of March 28

The Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 41/2018 of March 28, was published in Diário da Republica, which defines technical guidelines for the Public Administration in the area of security architecture of networks and information systems related to personal data. These guidelines will serve as a basis for systems and software in the coming…
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3rd GDPR Seminar

The demand is great, as is our know-how on the subject. Proof of this is that we are already on the third session of this seminar that was twice over-booked. We won’t let you down. The third edition is already here. Register here: #genterealemtemporeal