XGT’s mission is to design, develop, and implement tools that increase the efficiency and competitiveness of our clients. We provide computer tools, consulting services, training, and support to improve your company’s daily operations.

Since 1998, XGT’s goal is to gather a great team with vast experience and proficiency. Our consultants and technicians are always updated about the newest technology solutions and are able to adapt fast to changing innovations.

Our professional training is accredited by IQ that also confirms the high-quality service we offer.

XGT`s main and most widespread product is our ERP system, called XIS Connect. The software is an in-house solution for the management of public and private entities, designed to be adaptable for the clients needs. For more information about XIS Connect, click here.

At XGT we are proud of the numerous awards we won for increasing economic performance, technological development, job creation, and participation in environmental and social issues. We are here for every segment of society in Madeira and beyond.