We're not alone. And we believe that the Group's strength also has [a lot] to do with good connections. Bridges and points that unite us to those who share our philosophy and know-how. Real people in real time, like us.

This strength was in full evidence at the XIS Group event, held last January 22 at the Nini Andrade Silva Design Center. The intervention of Jorge Dias Fernandes from GesTools ASP - Gestão Online, a member of the Madeira IT Consortium (MITC), together with XGT - Soluções Informáticas (XIS Group) and MC - Computadores, as well as the US company Michael Gardiner, of Tactilis (The Power of Touch), left two things very clear: the importance of being connected and how we are connected. For real reasons.

MITC is born precisely from this binding imperative. From the greater desire to go ever further on each journey.

Created with the primary goal of "responding to the challenges posed by the Tactilis M-Smart project in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, this consortium has broadened its scope, fostering collaboration between the companies involved and enabling better response to the needs of the market, be it regional, national or international."

Yes, we are proud! After all, we are all part of this force.