We promote integral training, in knowledge and values, fomenting precision, discipline, self-learning and quality. We provide training from the standpoint of a culture based on human values and the principles of professional ethics, in harmony with the interests of our employees and partners and of society in general. We develop nuclear competencies through the interaction between theory and practice, in a symbiosis between the scientific and pedagogical domains.

The mission of the XIS Group, within the scope of training, is to:

– To contribute to the improvement of the professional performance of the trainees and, as a consequence, to contribute to the increase in productivity of the organizations of which they are part; – Maximize the investment made by clients in new information and communication technologies; – Ensure efficiency gains in the management of human capital, by preparing it for versatility and innovation in the performance of its functions; – Provide conditions that contribute to the evolution of the trainee in his career and guaranteeing him greater professional mobility.

Our training policy is shaped by the following main principles:

– Adjustment of the training interventions to the effective needs of the clients, responding to the desired expectations and ensuring access, in a timely manner, to the information available on training; – Updating and adaptation of training methods and instruments used in accordance with the objectives, context of the training and profile of the clients; – Evaluation of the impacts produced by the training sessions in the work place, in the individual career and in the structure of qualifications of our clients; – Promotion of a continuous learning process of our employees in order to develop their potential and thus reinforce the talent of the organization as a whole; – Application of effective control instruments that ensure the improvement of the performance levels of trainers and other employees linked to the development of the training process, promoting the involvement / participation of all in the implementation, compliance and improvement of the training policy. ;

XGT – Soluções Informáticas, S.A., a company of the XIS Group, is certified as a training entity by the Qualification Institute in eight areas:

090 – Personal Development Skills; 146 – Teacher Training & IT Trainer Training; 344 – Accounting and Taxation; 345 – Management and Administration; 380 – Law; 481 – Computer Sciences; 482 – Computing from the User’s Perspective; 489 – Computeing – Programs not classified in another training areas.

The training process is described in six fields:

– Diagnosis of training needs; – Planning; – Conception; – Organization and promotion; – Development and implementation; – Monitoring and evaluation of training.

One of the main pillars that underpin the XIS Group’s performance is providing the community with a high service in the professional training area.