XIS Group is expanding like never before. To keep up with the pace, we need new talents to help us out. Passionate professionals who would become our new team members. Who are ready to share their knowledge with us and not afraid to have some fun meanwhile.

For us it doesn’t matter where you get your diploma or if you have 10+ years of experience. We value talent, passion, and diligence. We encourage you to apply for the position you feel you can do the best and be a great addition to our team. Contact us and let’s have a chat to get to know you better.


Open positions

Software Developer

Our team develops enterprise software solutions in different areas. We are looking for new talents for the following positions:                                                                                                                         

Junior and Senior developers with a strong will to work on developing software solutions, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data.

You will have the opportunity to use and improve your knowledge in Java, J2EE, REST and SOAP (WebServices), Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, JUnit, MySQL, SQLServer.

Junior and Senior software and application analyst: As a software and application analyst, you will be the bridge between the consultant team and the development team.

You will work with enterprise-class applications in different functions. Furthermore, your responsibility will be to analyze problems, provide solutions, or prepare requirements, specifications, and technical documents.

GDPR Consultancy

Are you always updated with the newest changes in privacy and security law? Do you enjoy solving specific situations for different clients? Enthusiastic about GDPR? Then you are who we need! XIS Group has a great reputation as a GDPR expert, and we are looking for (self-taught) professionals to join our team. 

Experience in implementing or auditing information security or privacy/GDPR projects, DPO (Data Protection Officer) experience and IT/legal Audit experience are welcome but not required.

Cybersecurity and IT System Technician 

At XIS Group, high levels of IT assistance and cybersecurity are top priorities. We are looking for Information Systems Technicians, IT and Cybersecurity professionals, ethical hackers, or autodidact IT enthusiasts who want to deepen their knowledge with a team of experts. Come and do your best at XIS Group! 

Experience in IT help desk, IT infrastructure management, System administration and ISO27001 knowledge is welcomed but not required.

Digital transformation – finance, human resources, document management, online services  

At XIS Group we understand the importance of having a strong, visionary and hardworking administration team to support us in our mission. We are in a very exciting moment, with many new projects expanding our operations. Thus, we have opportunities for professionals that want to grow together with us. If you like finance, economics, or management; If you are an enthusiast for innovation, technology; and you believe that a great team can change the world: You might be the person to join us! 

Experience in projects with ERP, CRM, Document Management implementation is welcome but not required.

Accounting Consultancy  

XIS Group is one of the best accountant advisors in Madeira with more than 20 years of experience. Want to be between the top team? Bring all your knowledge (or will to learn) about Accounting, Finance or Economics and come have fun with us! Apply and be our new consultant! 

We value but do not require Finance, Economics or Management Degrees. Previous experience in consulting / accounting for Public Administration or Enterprises.

Production Team

We are specialists at looking at everyday problems to solve in a simple and efficient way. When it comes to the production of our machines, we are using lean manufacturing as our guiding principle. Our goal is to maximise productivity while simultaneously minimising waste, with worker safety and client satisfaction being the number 1 priorities. We have a strong focus on continuous improvement, and want every single employee to voice their opinion where it comes to improving our processes

Our factory is opening its doors very soon and we are looking for like-minded people to help us run it and improve our products. Apply and help us build the future:

  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrotechnical Engineers
  • Electronic Engineers and 
  • Industrial Engineers

Experience in Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Lean Manufacturing Industrial Machines, Energy R&D are very nice to have but not required.

We are also looking for the following profiles to help us assemble the machines in a quick, efficient and safe way:

  • Electrical/ Electromechanical Officer
  • Plumbing Pre-Officer or Plumbing Officer
  • Electrical Pre-Officer or Electrical Officer
  • Metalworking Pre-Officer or Metalworking Officer

Lab Team

Floating Particle is a Research and Development company, focused Energy, Water and Hydrogen technologies with a backbone on AI and IoT.
Working in our Lab you’ll have the possibility to explore ideas from its inception and fundamentals up to lab scale experimentation, with state of the art analytical and experimental equipment and software.

Most of us only dream, some of us conceptualize and only a few of us work at Floating Particle to develop new disruptive concepts. Apply and join us if you have a relevant degree in the following:

  • Chemistry/Electrochemistry Engineering or related;
  • Physics Engineering or related;
  • Materials Engineering or related;
  • Biological Engineering or related;
  • Environmental Engineering or related;
  • Lab Technicians.

Experience in Lab environment and procedures is preferred but not required.