What is the SNC-AP?

A unification of the various accounting plans in use in the Public Administration: POCP, POC Education, POCMS, POCAL and POCISSSS.

Conforming the Public Accounting through the respective Norms, 21 to 27.

All in the scope and adoption of the International Accounting Standards for the Public Sector (IPSAS).

How do we help?

– With unshakable certainty in the proposed solution
– With a positive attitude, listening, reviewing, adjusting, improving
– Simplifying that which is complex
– Training, in the classroom and in the work context, with the quality that our accreditation provides 
– Providing personalized support, tailored to each reality

Why our trust?

Because we are, without a doubt, a team with a lot of history, competent and recognized people.

Who, in the last decade, are responsible for:

– 66 POC implementations – Education
– 15 implementations of POCP
– 1 implementation of POCAL
– 10 implementations of budget accounting in Publicly Reclassified Companies (Fiscal Perimeter)
– More than 80 account finalizations per year and their respective accounts reporting, in budget and equity accounting
– 6 SNC-AP implementations already in production, 40 in the start-up phase

Applicable Legislation

– Decree-Law n. 192/2015, of September 11, approves the SNC-AP
– Decree-Law n. 85/2016, of December 21, amends the  financial administration regime of the State and SNC-AP, extension of one year, to 2018/01/01
– Ordinance n. 189/2016, of July 14 – Framework for PCM
– Ordinance n. 218/2016, of August 9 – SNC-AP Simplified Regime
– Ordinance n. 128/2017, of April 5 – Strategy for the dissemination and implementation of the SNC-AP.