What is the SNC-AP?

From 2015 the Portuguese government decided to uniformize the accounting methods in every public entity. Since then, the implementation of the SNC-AP (Accounting Standardization System for Public Administrations) is obligatory in the public sector, such as schools, hospitals, and municipalities. 

The system allows the entities to manage their finances – including the preparation, implementation, and control of the budget – with transparency and accountability. The SNC-AP is an efficient and useful tool to make every public accounting platform easy and safe to use.

How can XIS Group help?

The implementation of the SNC-AP requires knowledge and proficiency. With the help of our consultancy services, the change can be smooth and headaches free. XIS Group has more than 25 years of experience in accounting and consultancy that makes us the right partner to rely on.  To make sure that the SNC-AP implementation is successful, XIS Group offers:

Why trust us?

In the last decade, we managed numerous SNC-AP implementation projects, such as:


Applicable Legislation

– Decree-Law n. 192/2015, of September 11, approves the SNC-AP

– Decree-Law n. 85/2016, of December 21, amends the  financial administration regime of the State and SNC-AP, extension of one year, to 2018/01/01

– Ordinance n. 189/2016, of July 14

– Framework for PCM – Ordinance n. 218/2016, of August 9

– SNC-AP Simplified Regime – Ordinance n. 128/2017, of April 5

– Strategy for the dissemination and implementation of the SNC-AP.