In 2017, we won!

We know that the future means forging ahead, but when we look back we can better understand the meaning of what we are and the reach of what we do. That is why, at a time when we are still turning the pages of the new year, it's worth remembering a moment that marked 2017 and continues to fill us all with pride: the distinction of In-formar with the Fujitsu Prize, the most important award for projects in the digital creation segment.

In-formar (Expert Partner Fujitsu), a XIS Group company, won in the category of Growth Partner of the Year, having been the partner that registered the highest percentage growth in the Portuguese market in relation to the same period of 2016.

The award was presented at the Fujitsu World Tour Gala, an event that for the 10th edition, was set in this country for the first time, and was the largest ever roadshow, including more than two dozen countries.

We won! And tomorrow we'll not forget it.

There are journeys seeped in the future. They are the ones that are worthwhile.