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XIS Group is composed of several companies from the most different areas. We develop, engineer, finance, teach, and operate. We provide efficient and clever solutions that lead to a smooth and safe future.

XIS Group, just as many other technology companies, started from a basement more than 25 years ago. The company was founded in Funchal, Madeira, and kept its base on the island. However, our vision quickly grew and today our products and services are used globally.

Our success lies in our eagerness to come up with revolutionary ideas for everyday problems. We look at the world from a different angle and try to understand what is missing and what should be done better.

Our clients come from several areas with different requirements, but they all receive the same quality of support. We guide them from the first steps and help them through the implementation, running, and maintenance of our services and products.

Explore XIS Group and let our highly qualified team provide you the most advanced technological solutions! Whatever help you need in systems engineering, software development, technological consulting, professional training, or research – we are here to make it happen.

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XGT’s mission is to design, develop, and implement tools that increase the efficiency and competitiveness of our clients. We provide computer tools, consulting services, training, and support to improve your company’s daily operations.

Since 1998, XGT’s goal is to gather a great team with vast experience and proficiency. Our consultants and technicians are always updated about the newest technology solutions and are able to adapt fast to changing innovations.

Our professional training is accredited by IQ that also confirms the high-quality service we offer.

XGT`s main and most widespread product is our ERP system, called XIS Connect. The software is an in-house solution for the management of public and private entities, designed to be adaptable for the clients needs. For more information about XIS Connect, click here.

At XGT we are proud of the numerous awards we won for increasing economic performance, technological development, job creation, and participation in environmental and social issues. We are here for every segment of society in Madeira and beyond.


In-formar provides technical support, consulting, and computer auditing services for more than one hundred public and private organizations.

During the past 30 years, In-formar became a reference in the business community of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. It continuously improved its strategy and managed to build strong business relationships due to its trustworthiness and professionalism.

Our partnerships with Microsoft, Fujitsu, CISCO, NOS, and many others are proof of the quality of our business solutions, including systems engineering, security, software, hardware, and communications.

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Silverspheres is XIS Group’s engineering/software development firm. It creates solutions for information systems that are based on the latest technology, integration, and mobility. Our products can replace the rigid, non-integrable architectures and eliminate unnecessary duplications of work and data redundancy.

One of our major focuses is on facilitating real-time decision making support. Furthermore, we work on dematerialization, connection automatization, and communication between different systems. We also do optimization in machine interfaces and developing web and mobile availability.

Silversphere offers unique and intelligent solutions that are adapted to different realities and open doors to international markets. Thanks to its agile development platforms and methodology, Silverspheres is able to quickly implement new features, respond to requests, and get involved in new projects.

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Floating Particle is specialized in AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Big Data, implemented in innovative technologies for energy, water and waste management. Our current products focus on energy efficiency and reducing emission via combustion optimization, smart water grids and waste to hydrogen gasification. For more information visit Floating Particle´s website or contact us via email on the


Power of Touch Technologies is a Research and Development company, specialized in Biometric Smart Card Technology. During the 16 months of the M SMART Project, POTT had the opportunity to identify and test numerous different applications of the Biometric Smart Card Technology. Nowadays in Madeira, the cards are widely used in Education, Tourisms, Health System, Transportation and in Nature Conservation among others. In case you’re interested in implementing Biometric Smart Cards in your business, visit our website and give us a call.



Click here and learn more about what GDPR is and why it is vital to take care of compliance as soon as possible. XIS Group provides training, implementation, and highly knowledgeable experts to answer all your questions about the new regulations.


The SNC-AP (Accounting Standardization System for Public Administrations) is an obligatory structure at every public entity. Want to know more? Read here how XIS Group can help you to implement and maintain the SNC-AP successfully.


XIS Connect is our widely used Enterprise Resource Planning software. The platform quickly became popular thanks to its user friendly design, numerous functions and up-to-date inbuilt GDPR and SNC-AP standards. Click here for more details!


At XIS Group we are proud of our team, built up from experts in different areas. Our highly professional members are ready to share their knowledge in different areas, such as Accounting, IT, and Administration skills. Don’t hesitate to learn more of our training list and methods here!


“The services provided by the XIS Group team and the implementation of the XIS Connect platform have leveraged the fulfillment of our established objectives, beginning a real process of dematerialization and administrative modernization.”

Maria do Rosário Alegra

“With the XIS Connect platform managing our operation, we have established a standardization and greater agility in the process of document management, specialy with increased useability and the simplicity of integration with our operation support. We consider that the security of information and the availability of service are the most valuable features of our activity, and having a compliant GDPR tool and a support team of excellence like XIS Group that is always available is a definite asset. The roll-out process of the platform was very fast specially in our case, that involved migrating from a legacy platform.

We are very pleased to continue this partnership with XIS Group and we will certainly count on their experience for future solutions in the technologies area.”

Frederico Costa
NOS Madeira



Rua do Pombal, 31 Cave C  |  9050-075 Funchal – Portugal

+351 291 750 250  |  +351 291 750 251


Edifícios Suécia I, Av. do Forte  |  2794-038 Carnaxide – Portugal

+351 216 045 955  |  +351 291 750 251

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Rua do Pombal, 31 Cave C 

9050-075 Funchal – Portugal 

+351 291 750 250 

+351 291 750 251


Edifícios Suécia I, Av. do Forte

2794-038 Carnaxide – Portugal

+351 216 045 955

+351 291 750 251

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