She has technical and professional training in Business Management and has been a member of the XIS Group since 2002. She is active in the administrative and financial areas, but also provides support to clients within the XIS Connect platform. She describes herself as multi-talented, dedicated and totally available for new learning experiences. She has followed the various changes that the group of companies has undergone, and therefore says that change no longer frightens her. On the contrary, it adds in motivation.

"I think it's important to always be prepared for different tasks and new challenges. Since I arrived here I have undergone several changes, major transformations, as new areas of activity have emerged within the Group, such as Development and Consulting, and new companies. Throughout this process, I gained experience and confidence, learned immensely, grew personally and professionally, and today I feel prepared to face any challenge, although I continue to learn every day. Good thing too."

Organized and stubborn, she doesn't rest if she doesn't have her work in order, and that means having all situations under control. When she provides support to clients, she is equally happy, she likes to help those on the other end of the line; or rather, whoever is on the same side. In the XIS Group there are no walls or people converted into numbers, and the relationship created with each customer makes everything easy. "When I call a school [customer] I already know who I'm going to talk to, I even know the phone numbers by heart [laughter], and if I meet one of our clients on the street, I stop for a chat. I think that says a lot about us."

In her free time she likes to go out and practice sports - "the gym does wonders to my head," she says - but the biggest part of her time goes to the family. On vacation, she needs to leave Madeira, "change of air, even if it is to go to Porto Santo."