In the XIS Group since 2008, he proudly presents himself as a multi-talented member, prepared to help in any of the sectors of the organization. "I am 'multi-functional', I am always one hundred percent ready to intervene, to provide all kinds of support," he says, valuing the learning experience that the Group has allowed him to accumulate over the years, both through contact with clients and the various day to day challenges, and through the relationship with his own colleagues and leaders. It highlights the unity of the XIS team, the good work environment and the awareness that everyone together strives for the same goals. "If I make a mistake, no one will point a finger at me. We work things out as a team, and that's great. Here, I've learned a lot. To deal with others and even with myself."

When the doors of the workplace close, another horizon of interests opens up. Currently, Sérgio Silva attends a course to become a football coach, and in the intervals, he still has time left for an old passion: dancing. Between salsa, kizomba and merengue, he finds a place to be happy.