Graduated in 2002, she joined the XIS team in March 2018 shortly after her consulting firm was hired to develop a marketing and communications plan for the XIS Group. She does not hesitate to say that here she has found a happy place, the perfect base for anyone, who from an early age always liked to communicate face to face, looking people in the eye. Her great passion is people and she never tires of saying so. It is not by chance that one of her main areas of interest, where she moves with a disconcerting ease, is that of Personal Development.

Free-minded, self-confessed as different, and if she did not have bills to pay, she would willingly live in a hippy community, "walking barefoot all day long."

"I am a people person. I like to feel that I am helping them. I am not at all close to the Excel spreadsheet. "[Laughter]. She spends most of her day "sowing the seeds of the XIS Group, saying 'we are here'" and shouting out the attributes that, in her view, make the group so unique: closeness, competence and professionalism. "I'm here to let all know who we are and show our customers and prospects how they can modernize their work tools."

"We are someone who offers you the most advanced technology." True, but people are the most important part of the whole of this machine. "There is no technology that will work if not connected to people. No matter how good the software is. The human aspect is fundamental and we do not want to compromise it in any way."

Real people, in real-time, fully committed to everything they dream and do. For 25 years the Group history has been built upon this motto, and also very much from within. By the hands of a highly qualified and competent team. Happy people.

"We do not do things by half, we work hard and respect people. In no other company did I feel this respect for the space others, for the family life of others. In the XIS Group, there is no worry about 'punching a time card', what matters is being available. There is an acceptance that life is for living, that it is important to have a personal life beyond the professional."

Free Times? The answer comes in the form of a question: "How many hours do we have?" Activities in nature, especially bodyboarding, and music. She is addicted to concerts and enjoys art, but ... "Don't put me in a gallery for three hours nor looking at monuments." [Laughter].