He has training in Programming and for 15 years has been part of the XIS team. His good disposition and unabashed sense of humor, even in the most critical moments, are dominant traits of his personality. He is the first to admit this and whoever knows him will agree. "I'm always happy because a bad mood, besides not solving anything, only makes things worse. And I'm pretty patient, too. In this kind of work, we have to be."

If asked to choose between the areas of Systems or Development, he'll immediately choose the former. Why? The explanation is simple: "The area of Systems is more challenging for me because it allows for a greater interaction with the clients and furthermore, it takes me out of the office more often, lets me get some air" [laughter]. Like the rest of the Group, he has no doubt that the strong relationship established with the customer, from the first contact, together with the high quality of the products and services available, places the XIS Group at a level reached by few.

"The best of all is the relationship of extreme closeness and trust that we have with the customer. And, deep down, it is also this kind of relationship that unites us internally. There are no levels here, we're all fighting for the same thing. That's why we have everything to succeed. We're good at what we do and we have an excellent product."

During his free time, he takes refuge in his family, in books - especially History - but will also not refuse a trip on the island, either by car or on foot, or going to the beach.