He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Madeira, where he also completed his master's degree in the same field. He has been part of the XIS Group since 2016. Why a programmer? "Since childhood I've been interested in everything related to computers, with technology."

Over time his interest grew and he was never in much doubt as to what he would like to do professionally. In the XIS Group, he says he has found the perfect context to be able to put into practice - seriously - all the skills he absorbed in university. As soon as he finished his course, he immediately felt the need to apply and deepen this learning in 'real life'.

"My experience in the Group has been very challenging. What we learn at university does not have the impact on us that only comes from practice, and the truth is that here I have evolved immensely. Every day I am faced with new challenges that fortunately I have been able to overcome. I want to progress more and more, to contribute to the growth of the companies, always doing more and better."

He considers that the philosophy of the XIS Group, based on the human vision of the market as a whole, is one of the most important values of the organization. "Our relationship with the customer is a face-to-face relationship, which allows us to perceive better and more quickly what he really wants from us and our products."

When he is not working, he enjoys being in touch with Nature, whether in the mountains or by the sea. He is the head of a group of scouts in Camacha, and it is to this endeavor that he devotes most of his free time, but he also practices taekwondo, plays football and even plays guitar.