As a child he dreamed of being a policeman, but eventually set out on another path. With professional training in Computing, he joined the XIS Group in 2005 and his main mission is to plan and implement systems. Challenges are not lacking in this area, and for the systems technician this is precisely one of the most compelling factors in the job. "The main challenges are solving emerging problems, and in IT, problems are almost always different. There are no two equal ways to format a computer."

Competence and availability are imperative for one simple reason: "We can't leave the customer 'hanging', that's something that can never happen." But the XIS Group goes even further. In addition to the competence and availability, if need be, it even offers "a friendly shoulder," says Quirino.

There is no routine. The solutions are never the same, nor are the problems, and the customers themselves pose different challenges every day. "We are always learning, new situations do not stop, which is without a doubt, very positive."

When he is not planning or implementing systems, he shares most of his time with the family. He likes camping, cycling, and ... "eating well" [laughter], but when at home he also has fun playing on the computer or watching TV. Hiking is not his thing.