Pedro Silva

He has been a member of the Group since 2017, as part of the networks and computer security department. He studied Management and Economics, but lost interest in the course and eventually moved towards Computer Engineering. He graduated from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and worked in the capital for 18 years. On his return to Madeira, he admits that it was not easy to return to work in his chosen field, but in the XIS Group he finally found a place of professional achievement. "I'm grateful. I like what I do and I must admit that I've never worked in such a good environment. "

What most motivated him is solving the clients's problems from their source and in the shortest time possible, according to the best practices instituted. He says that he has the ability to work under stress and assures us that once he gets involved in a task or project, he doesn't give up until the goals are met.

In his spare time he devotes himself to another passion: the guitar, an instrument he learned to play from an early age. He also likes to play poker and to hang out with his friends.