He holds a degree in Auditing from the University of Coimbra and has been a member of the XIS team since 2015.

Numbers are his main field within the XIS Group, but like other elements within the organization, it is the people behind the numbers who focus attention. If this were not the case, accounting would add up to little or nothing. In other words, if the accounts balance correctly it is because there is a group of 'real people', in 'real life' and in real time playing out their roles with maximum competence.

This is the Group's understanding, from the inside out. The XIS Group's 25-year history has proven that this way of being in the market, as in life, works. And whoever wears these colours, whether they have been in the Group for a long time or not, isn't interested in any other.

"What sets us apart is the relationship we have with customers. We are close, and people value our position that is ultimately a mirror of our relationships within the Group. In this way things flow more smoothly, and the message is more effectively transmitted. Always." However, he shares the view of Mike Ditka: "Success is not permanent, and failure is not mortal."

Family and friends are his pillars. He enjoy traveling, motorbikes and sports. And ... he doesn't like peas.