A graduate in Computer Engineering at COCITE - Cooperativa de Técnicas Avançadas de Gestão Informática in Lisbon, he has been part of the XIS team since 2014. He leads the XIS Connect platform project development out of the Lisbon branch and says that the most captivating part of his job is to be able to transform the ideas of the Group and of the clients into reality. "To think of the best technological solutions and to implement them in order to facilitate the work of organizations, making them more productive." There is no greater motivation, he says.

However, for Nuno Rodrigues, who discovered his interest in computing early and quickly knew that he would not be "an architect, a dancer or anything else" that was not connected to computing, not even the most advanced technology surpasses the power of an individual, the power that each one has in the whole of an organization. It is for this reason that he sees in the relationship of proximity with the customers, one of the main recognizable characteristics of the XIS Group. "We always have to be around, otherwise technology can become an enemy," he warns.

From within the concept does not suffer deviations. The unity of the Group makes the difference. "We are like a group of friends who work together for the same purpose, and this synergy - this ability to help each other - makes us stronger.”