Graduated in Management from the University of Madeira, he worked for two years in banking before joining the XIS Group in 2002. As a senior consultant, he provides support to clients in the area of budget accounting. He is passionate about what he does, but does not deny that every day is a battle. It could not be otherwise. "That's what we're here for. And one of the advantages is that there is no monotony ... "

He believes that from this daily struggle, personal and professional fulfillment is born, along with a healthy recognition from clients. "We have very positive feedback from our clients as we are always on top of events because we have enough flexibility to put ourselves in the shoes of those on the other side, to understand their problems and to solve them. We want the client to feel well treated. For this reason, and not only this reason, the XIS Group's image is one of excellence."

As incredible as it may seem, in the few vacant hours he continues to run for fun, and every now and then even participates in trails.