She has a degree in Business Management from the University of Madeira and has been part of the XIS Group since 2005. She has been in-house long enough to have a good understanding of the pulse of the organization, and to easily identify its main strengths. The highly qualified staff, the high competence in all areas, the extreme dedication, the strong team spirit and the clear commitment to a close relationship with the customer can only make a difference, says Marisela Fernandes, who is clearly proud of belonging to the Group.

Her main challenge is to "keep everything under control, according to the stipulated norms", a mission that she has undertaken with passion and maximum responsibility from the first moment. In fact, it could not be otherwise, as she cannot imagine working without full commitment. "I'm dedicated and responsible, I always give my best. And when I perform a given task, I like to perform it well."

She makes a point of mentioning how the XIS Group has grown in recent years and believes that the climb will continue. Always in the right direction. "The Group's companies are growing, and that's the way to go. I think we are going to conquer many more areas."

In this process of building the future as well as in the management of activities and the multiple challenges of everyday business, the free hours matter a lot. In those moments, she enjoys relaxing with family to recharge her batteries, but also likes to listen to music and to go walking.