She holds a degree in Economics from the University of Coimbra, is part of the management team of XGT, S.A., is a computer consultant and is also financial director of the XIS Group. She has been part of the team since 1999, having taken office one year after the Group's inception. She recalls the "great challenge" that this step represented, saying that "it was almost like building the company from scratch." Since then, the Group has grown, the challenges have multiplied and become more complex. The project became increasingly "enticing". Continues to be. Very much so. And this explains in part the unfaltering devotion, translated into competence and time dedicated to the most demanding clients.

Born in Leiria, as a child she already liked numbers, but her dream was to be an Olympic swimmer. She spent summers swimming, and although she didn't make it to the Olympic Games, she has already crossed many finishing lines.

"Define strategies, think about the future of the organization for which we work and understand how those people can respond to the various challenges that arise." It is through the fabric of this narrative that some of the main responsibilities of Maria João Vieira is defined.

"At times it may seem that the support we provide to customers is restricted to the field of computing, but in reality we go much further. We also take on the responsibilities of accounting and human resources, which allows us to offer alternative and complementary solutions."

Humanized management at all levels has an impact on the final outcome, and there is no doubt that this is definitely the 'XIS factor'. In practice, it could not be otherwise. "We have to know the customer very well because we are doing a job for them. And there is in fact a great involvement. We deal with them on a first name basis, we are close."

The difficult thing is to 'switch off', because this is a 'continuous mission', but, from time to time one has to. In those moments she relaxes by dancing, to the sound of "songs that no one listens to anymore". "I have difficulty switching off, but when I dance I don't think about anything."