Graduated in Computer and Software Engineering from Instituto Superior T├ęcnico in Lisbon, he is amongst the 'oldest' in the Group and guarantees that if he won the Euromillions he would be at work the following morning. "A little more at ease, but I would be here".

The journey started in 2005 and continues to be as engaging as it was in the beginning. Probably more so. The explanation is simple. "At the XIS Group, there are no two equal days and no two equal tasks. Every day serves to learn, research, test and find new solutions. Experience is not enough - it's worth a lot - but we have to be very attentive, to never lose sight of the objective and this is what also motivates me."

He has lived from an early age with computers inside his head and still remembers the enthusiasm sparked by his first 'machine' at age 11 - a computer that "had games" - in Salesianos, but which also served to teach mathematics in a different way, "which made everything much easier."

The dream was already there, Computing was the right path. Doubts never plagued him, although he had at one stage set his sights on another horizon and wished for "the best of both worlds." "I really wanted to join the Armed Forces, and actually tried to enlist. My intention was to take the Computer Engineering course in the Armed Forces, but the course only accepted candidates ever second year, and I had the misfortune of applying in the odd year." He saw himself excluded from one of the "two worlds", but ended up being successful. Acceptance into the Tecnico allowed him to continue the dream, and the truth is that he never again thought of what was left behind.

At XIS Group the main goal was to "widen horizons" because "making a fortune" was never part of the plan. "Beyond a certain amount, money is no longer important. Liking what I do is what really matters - and I really like it."

The Group's core values are more than amply defined and explain both the team's profile and the strength of the organization. "We value people. The only values we hold are people and time. We don't sell many palpable things, we sell our time."

In his free time, which is short but well used, it's the family that attracts most of his attention. Then comes reading. He has a vast collection of historical and crime books, but also enjoys sitting at a computer searching for gadgets. Going to the beach? That's definitely out. "The water is always cold" [laughter].