With training in computing, she has been part of the XIS Group since 2016 and accumulates a 20-year experience in this sector of the regional market. In the group of companies, besides her responsibilities in the Consulting department, she also takes on activities in the implementation of solutions and in the management of projects. Finding solutions, always the best ones, for customers is the challenge that gives her the most pleasure and she is happy to be more in demand by clients in the current market context. "I really like to give advice, to give security to the client, but we can only transmit this security if we communicate well among ourselves on the inside, if we share knowledge. And that's how we work in the XIS Group. Here, everyone 'gets stuck in', and if sweeping need doing, we all sweep together. This complicity, which is genuine and transparent, gives confidence to those who seek us."

Outside of work, she limits her thinking to grabbing the time and enjoying it in the company of those he likes best, family and friends. "I have no hobby, no artistic talent, no passion. There are those who enjoy parachuting. I like being with the people I love the most."