Who are we

We are someone that offers you the most advanced technological solutions, but who walks by your side all the way. Someone who is around to see up close and to go further. Always. It is, in essence, this ‘journey’ that defines our entrepreneurial spirit and distinguishes us from others. We are very much what we do, but we are much more than that. We are real people in real time; a highly qualified team ready to respond to the challenges of each project, entity, person or group of people. A team that engages without restrictions, to better feel, think and act on a case by case basis.
Be it in systems engineering, software development, consulting, professional training or research, we have competent hands, hearts and vision for your project, linking our identity to yours. For us, this is the only valid quest, which is still valid 25 years after the start that brought us this far. Today, we pride ourselves in being a group of reference in the Regional market and on having extended beyond the borders of the archipelago and the country itself. We are proud of being a borderless territory, and of so much that unites us to our customers, far beyond the ‘machine’ of technology. We do not believe in accidents, but rather in causes and in the people who pursue them. We believe in bridges.

Who are we? We are, in effect, this broad and vigorous body of the most advanced technology, but we are primarily ‘the journey’. And the encounter. From now on, we are connected.

XGT’s mission is to design, develop and implement solutions that contribute to the modernization, dematerialization, increase in efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of organizations. These goals are characterized by the combination, in appropriate proportions, of computer tools, consulting services and a strong emphasis on training and support of people in their daily operations.

Since 1998, XGT has invested in a team of consultants and technical staff with vast experience and know-how, guaranteeing customers accelerated progress, adapted to  current times and the challenges of innovation and globalization. Our certification, based on ISO 9001 standards, and professional training accredited by IQ, confirms XGT’s commitment to providing high quality services.
The number of awards achieved in recent years for economic performance, technological development, job creation, participation in environmental issues, social initiatives and recovery of assets, serve as recognition by the respective Institutions, Society and People, of the contribution made by this Madeiran company.


Founded in 1990, IN-FORMAR today is a reference in the business community of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. In recent years, it has tailored its strategy to the enormous changes worldwide, relying on a pool of highly qualified professionals, thus creating an invaluable team rich in knowledge, relationships and trust.

IN-FORMAR is the technological arm of more than one hundred public and private organizations, providing technical support, consulting and computer auditing services.

IN-FORMAR’s partnerships with Fujitsu, Microsoft, CISCO, NOS, amongst others, enrich the quality of business solutions on offer, involving systems engineering, security, software, hardware and communications.

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Silverspheres is an engineering / software development company. It creates solutions based on the latest technology, promoting innovation, connectivity, integration and mobility of information systems.

Products developed by Silverspheres allow for the replacement of applications supported on monolithic, rigid, non-integratabtle architectures. Our team is committed to eliminating both unnecessary duplication of work and data redundancy. There is a major focus on facilitating real-time decision-making support, as well as dematerialization, automated connection and communication between systems, optimization of man / machine interfaces and web / mobile availability.

Intelligent, unique, multilingual solutions adapted to different realities, open doors for the internationalization of these developed products, and consequently, of the services provided by the Group’s companies. Using agile development platforms, Silverspheres is quickly able to implement new features, respond to requests for specific requirements, and get involved in new projects.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – EU 2016/679 lays down the rules on the protection of individuals (in particular the right to protection of personal data) and on the free circulation of such data within the EU. Learn about Xisgroup’s modular methodology. We tailor solutions to your needs. 


“In the implementation of the new SNC-AP, it is important to have a positive attitude, to be optimistic, to believe in the proposed solution, although it can be improved, not to complicate that which is simple and above all, to be able to simplify that which is more complex.” 
António Gonçalves Monteiro, Chairman of the Accounting Standards Committee


XIS Connect is a native web platform, developed by the XIS Group, available in the cloud (SaaS) or private cloud.


We promote integral training, in knowledge and in values, fomenting precision, discipline, self-learning and quality.

Our Awesome Team

Dália Sousa

Senior Consultant

“Never doubt your capabilities.”

Elena Gonçalves

Lead Consultant

She is never satisfied with a “half-answer.”

Luis Duarte Silva

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

On special occasions, he still turns into a DJ

Manuel Rebola

Lead Consultant

Total availability, determination.

Maria João Pereira

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Her big dream was to be an Olympic swimmer.

Mónica Barros

Accounting & Management Technician

She ‘wears the colours’ every day.

Nelson Teixeira

Lead Consultant

Does not deny that every day is battle.

Olivério Rasteiro

Executive Assistant to the CFO

“We are close, and people value our attitude.”

Pedro Silva

Information Systems Engineer

Doesn’t give up until the goals are fulfilled.

Vitorino Gouveia

COO – Chief Operating Officer

As a child, he dreamed of being an architect.

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“The services provided by the XIS Group team and the implementation of the XIS Connect platform have leveraged the fulfillment of our established objectives, beginning a real process of dematerialization and administrative modernization.”

Maria do Rosário Alegra

“With the XIS Connect platform managing our operation, we have established a standardization and greater agility in the process of document management, specialy with increased useability and the simplicity of integration with our operation support. We consider that the security of information and the availability of service are the most valuable features of our activity, and having a compliant RGPD tool and a support team of excellence like Xisgroup that is always available is a definite asset. The roll-out process of the platform was very fast specially in our case, that involved migrating from a legacy platform.

We are very pleased to continue this partnership with XIS Group and we will certainly count on their experience for future solutions in the technologies area.”

Frederico Costa
NOS Madeira



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Rua do Pombal, 31 Cave C 

9050-075 Funchal – Portugal 

+351 291 750 250 

+351 291 750 251 

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Edifícios Suécia I, Av. do Forte

2794-038 Carnaxide – Portugal

+351 216 045 955

+351 291 750 251 

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