In the last week of June XIS Group participated in the seminar “Digital transformation in Madeira, a transversal opportunity for society, companies and the Public Administration”.

Here is all the information you should know about the seminar and the participants as well as our key takeaways.


Digital transformation for improving competitiveness

The seminar was organized by IDE, IP-RAM, under the SMART-ECO project, co-financed by Interreg Mac 2014-2020. The project came into existence to create smart city platforms to improve the digital competitiveness of society, companies, and public administration.

The seminar was organized to present the advantages and opportunities that digital transformation represents for companies in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. It focused especially on the current situation caused by COVID19. It showed examples of how entities can take advantage of the digital economy through the modernization of ICT, and promotion of e-commerce among other solutions.


Who participated in the seminar about digital transformation in Madeira?

The seminar hosted more than 80 participants, from five different countries. The SMART-ECO Project is present in the Canary Islands in Spain, Cape Verde, Mauritania, Senegal, as well as Madeira and Azores in Portugal. Because of the diversity of the participants, the seminar was held in two languages, Portuguese and Spanish at the same time.


XIS Groups´s role in the seminar

XIS Group is involved in the Madeira M-SMART project, which aims to accelerate Madeira´s digital transformation and help the island to become a digital hub. Our company, the Power of Touch Technologies, is actively involved in the program and already achieved important milestones. 

At the seminar, our CEO, Luís Duarte Silva talked about the biometric card technology which was developed by PoTT. He explained how the cards work and how they can be used in different areas, such as in education, health care, tourism or nature conservation.  For more information, watch the presentation here or see our video about the M-SMART Project here.


What were the outcomes of the seminar?

We are proud to see that the presentation received a lot of positive feedback and the participants showed interest in replicating and using the PoTT smart biometric cards technology in their entities and regions. We would like to encourage them to contact us for help and future collaborations.

During the seminar we could also learn about other practices that help Madeira in the digital transformation and we are happy to see collaboration between the different entities.

We are working to improve our island and we believe that creating smart city platforms to improve the digital competitiveness of society, companies, and public administration is the right way to do it.

We would like to express our gratitude for the invitation to participate in the seminar and look forward to future collaborations!