Having graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Madeira, she has been a member of the XIS Group in the consulting field since 2010. No-one would guess that initially she was not even "very much into technology", although she recognizes a primal passion for construction. "The truth is, I've always enjoyed building things with my hands." It seems that the beginning was not so far removed from what followed, after all.

The verb 'construct', now combined with the whole, continues to make perfect sense. And the passion, like the verb, continues to develop further along the way. With lots of soul, but very little calm, since the XIS pace is not exactly slow. Those in the know can confirm that this pace is actually quite accelerated. "I really like what I do. However, this is not a field for those who like a calm life."

The pace is adapted into ample time to listen to the customer. When we're listening there is no hurry. The pace is only restored when it comes to solving a problem.

"We have an excellent relationship with our customers. We talk on the phone to the client as if we're talking to a member of our family. There's a strong connection, and I think that makes all the difference." But there's more. The self-imposed demands that each member of the XIS team makes is reflected in the inexhaustible achievement of objectives. "Sometimes we do things that go beyond our own abilities. Never doubt your capabilities."

There is still some free time for other activities. Preferably, quieter ones away from confusing or noisy environments. In your spare time, it's better to take it slow.