Adrião Neves

He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Madeira and argues that a programmer must be “open-minded and stay calm when everything is 'catching fire'."

He has been part of the XIS Group since 2011 and has never considered pursuing another professional career. Disregarding a phase when he wanted to be an Air Force pilot, but gave that up because he was a "shorty", computing has always featured as his first choice.

What else attracts him? The answer is easy: understanding the problem and finding the best solution. Never giving up, never being discouraged. Challenges are never in short supply, and the harder the solution seems, the greater the adrenaline rush. The important thing is to "be aware that the learning process is a continuous one", that every day the challenges are deferent, as are the problems and the methods of solving them.

The relationship with customers is never overlooked, whatever happens. The customer is always seen in his individuality - "when we speak to a customer, we are speaking to that particular person, and not just another case or a number to register in the system. And this approach makes all the difference."

Of course there are always days that are less positive or even bad ones, so even an open-minded and very calm programmer has to sometimes "know how to manage stress". In the case of Adrião Neves, walking and hiking helps a lot. "It's great to clear the mind."