He has been part of the XIS Group since 2009 and says that there have been many changes since then, but the challenges have never ceased. "Every day new problems arise and with these, the need to find new solutions." He has a Degree in Computer Engineering and Telematics from the University of Aveiro. He could have started work at age 18, but thought he was too young. He chose to study, and Programming turned out to be a discovery. "When I was a kid, I just wanted to relax and enjoy life. And I relaxed and enjoyed life. Later I began to take life more seriously. I had to."

In this more serious mode, a door was opened into the XIS Group with new opportunities for new discoveries. He likes what he does and where he does it. Deep down, it's more than a place, it's a way of life. In real life. He says that he has no doubt that the relationship of proximity to the customer and the constant quest to offer the most appropriate response is a factor that marks the identity of the Group. "We are a very human organization and the client takes this to heart. Sometimes we worry more about the customer's problems than they do themselves [laughter]."

Still, there is always time to switch off - the relationship also feeds off those breaks - and at those times, he enjoys hiking without setting a destination. And running.